Winning Racing Tips Review

Winning Racing Tips

Winning Racing Tips (or WRT) is a betting system which apparently does sometimes give advice on dutching, although the site is not fully clear on this. Selections are sent via E mail around 12.30


1  Month £39.95 **Currently Reduced to £34.95**
3 Months £99.95 (£33.32/month)
6 Months £169.95 (£28.33/month)
12 Months £299.95 (£24.99/month*)

I followed this service for eight weeks. First day no bets.

It was quite complicated setting up the initial link but this was because of the way it had been arranged, and the problems were sorted out efficiently and  pleasantly once they were brought to light.

The premise is really good- the each way value comes from horses that are not favourites usually- often second favourite to low priced favourites and often in a race where the first three are miles ahead of the other runners. For this reason Betfair with its separate place prices doesn’t work- and quite often the guaranteed price is a real bonus.

I wanted this system to work as I felt very comfortable with Paul’s attitude and¬† you feel that there is a real relationship building up. The information was clear and friendly, and info came both via E mail and text. My downside was that, I suspect, like many people I can only access the web during my lunch hour at work and very often I would have struggled to get bets on in time and also the prices he quoted had gone….. but for many this won’t be a problem.

As I said before something about his whole attitude made me want the tips to win- the text was almost as if from a friend.

However the figures¬† do show a profit¬† ¬£322 waged at ¬£10 per point profit ¬£41.33 over 8 weeks around a 12% return¬†–¬†Looking on the website Paul aims for 40 points a year so on this basis we are below his average.

However- should you try it- yes! remember that the bets are usually fairly low risk- 0ver the 8 weeks the worst cumulative losses never took me in to a negative position after day one- thanks to a second day’s win- but even if that win hadn’t happened- losses would never have accumulated to more than a couple of points.

I don’t know Paul, but I like him and his attitude- he has been around for 6 years, is not a flyby night and he knows his stuff.

take a look at Winning Racing Tips here.