Favourites Phenomenon System Review 2011

 Favourites Phenomenon System Review

Favourites Phenomenon System

The Favourites Phenomenon System is just one we have to keep on returning to.   Why?    Because of its consistency.   I keep on thinking it has to fail sometime, and yes, it has its moments just like any system.   But in the long term, just like any good system it pulls through and delivers the goods.

So what about now in 2011, two years after Favourites Phenomenon was looked at last?  I was given the opportunity to give it a thorough overhaul to see if I could find any chinks in the armour.   Part of me wanted to find them just to be the one to say something new about the system.   But I also didn’t want to find them and be the harbinger of doom to the Favourites Phenomenon faithful.

For those of you who are new to Favourites Phenomenon, let me go over some of the basics:

  • Straight to the nitty gritty, how much. The Favourites Phenomenon system costs £97 to purchase and download the system.
  • You can subscribe to a bespoke betting bot, which runs the system for you in its entirety in hands free mode.   This costs £35 per month. 
  • The system description is accessed, and downloadable, from the members’ area of the Favourites Phenomenon website.  An Excel calculator is also provided to help run the system, calculating the stake for each bet, which is provided in two versions, with and without Betfair commission. 
  • There are twelve sections to the system description and each section is less than an A4 page making the reading and understanding easy. 
  • The system is a Stop At A Winner concerned only with the backing of the outright favourite of selected UK races only.  No Irish meetings are considered. 
  • In summary the system operates one betting cycle per day with the objective of generating 1 point profit. 
  • A betting cycle consists of a recommended number of races, the selection of which is described as part of the rules for the system. If you hit a winner before the maximum number of races has been run then you have made your point profit for the day and you stop at the winner.
  • If you haven’t hit a winner after the last race in the cycle has run, then it is recommended that you stop for the day and take the loss. 

Depending on your attitude to risk you can opt to run one of three cycles with a lesser or greater number of races to bet on.   The lower the number of races, the lower is your liability on a losing day.  However the smaller cycles do run a slightly greater risk of a losing day.  Matt Watson, the Favourites Phenomenon author, quotes the strike rate for the system as follows:  

  • Level 1 (Beginner Level) 87% strike rate with a 100 point bank
  • Level 2 (Intermediate Level) 94% strike rate with a 150 point bank
  • Level 3 (Advanced Level) 97% strike rate with a 200 point bank

Within any cycle, there are rules that dictate which races to include in the cycle, which races to exclude and whether you should start the cycle at all.   These are quite straightforward and centre on monitoring the odds of the favourite and any close to the favourite.   

There are also recommendations for running the system based upon the number of meetings in the day.   Favourites Phenomenon is also NOT run on a Saturday due to the proximity of race start times.

So how did Favourites Phenomenon perform this time?   For a change the review looked at the system at quite a bad time for it, but it STILL made a profit.   This is the undoubted hallmark of the Favourites Phenomenon System, through thick and thin it still emerges victorious.

The advanced staking level can be quite scary for the newbie, so as a gentle introduction to the system the review was operated on the ‘beginner’ level 1 staking.    The review started off building profit slowly when disaster struck; Day 8 encountered its maximum point loss for level 1.   Never mind, put emotion to one side and carry on. Yes!  It pulled itself back into nicely into profit (as expected) although a little slower than usual due to the more than inclement weather over the Winter.

But day 40 arrived, Oh No, Another losing day!   Not to worry this was only a few points.   Pull yourself together man!   Then again on day 42, we’re now into a loss!   That’s not supposed to happen so close together!   I was already compiling my email to Matt Watson saying I had located the chink in the armour.   But then again, what was I going to say?   “Err….Matt, the system is behaving as you said it would?”   No I didn’t think that would go down too well.    “Err…Matt, after three losing days we are only one point down?”  No I didn’t think that would make him hit the refund button either.

So what could I do?   I suppose I would have to carry on…. and guess what?   The old faithful came up trumps yet again.   Within another couple of weeks Favourites Phenomenon was showing almost nine points profit.  If I had carried on with the review I could have been quoting serious double figure point profit to you right now.

Even through one of the worst review periods that Favourites Phenomenon has encountered, it still returned a nine point profit.   Now that is a measure of a true system, which through three years of reviews can consistently report making a profit.

Favourites Phenomenon is a solid workhorse of a system, built for longevity to deliver profit year in year out.   Sensible profit that forms that backbone of any system portfolio.   Will you encounter short term losses? Yes just like any other system.   Will you encounter long term success?   I cannot guarantee it, but I will eat my hat if you don’t.   So on that note, I have to give Favourites Phenomenon yet another huge OBE thumbs up.

Add Favourites Phenomenon to your favourites.