Format Racing System Review

Format Racing System

After a month of testing, our Format Racing trial has drawn to a close and it has immediately jumped straight to the top of my betting portfolio after what can only be described as an outstanding month!

I see literally hundreds of systems every year and most can be dismissed out of hand, however, Format Racing caught my eye simply because it is based on cold, hard, ruthless statistics. There is nothing I like seeing more than a system that can be backed up by facts, and Format Racing is one such system. Even so, the claims on the Format Racing website did seem a little ambitious to me, and indeed the results have been rounded up somewhat which posed a question or two over their validity.

However, the results during our month of testing have well and truly dismissed any scepticism that may have plagued me. In fact, we have pocketed just shy of 34 points (or £840) profit over the course of 25 days, an average of 1.36 points profit per day.

For this test, I was aiming for £25 profit per race using a £1000 bank, and it was pure profit from day one. As with any form of gambling, there were days that I didn’t come out ahead, but these were surprisingly rare, and were more than made up for on the winning days.

Format Racing is based on the live markets around the time of the off and, as such, requires a hands on approach from the user. I have heard, however, that it is possible to automate it using Market Feeder Pro, but I have never used it so can’t confirm this. For those unable to bet every day I would recommend looking into this as it would be a shame to lose out on such a powerful system.

I had no problems running the system manually and, although the first couple of days were a bit hectic getting used to the system and getting my bets on, I soon got into the swing of it and within two or three days had a little ritual in place for checking the markets and placing my wagers.

So, do I recommend Format Racing? Without doubt, it is one of the most profitable backing systems I have come across to date, and because it is based on sound racing principles, I see no reason for that to change. Having said all that, I would be mad to give it anything but the highest of OBE recommendations!