Martins Better Betting Review

Martins Better Betting Review

Martins Better Betting

Martins Better Betting  is a laying system where tips are sent to your inbox on a daily basis.

It is recommended that you use Betfair to make your lay bets. There are several points worth noting:

  • Maximum Lay Odds should be 3.1,
  • When over maximum odds of 3.1 then make bets to keep in play at max lay odds of 3.1.
  • Its advised to use a minimum of 100 points in your betting bank. I will use a bank of £1000 i.e. £10 per point.

The recommended staking plan for Martins Better Betting uses an opening stake of £10.53 which accommodates the Betfair commission to achieve a profit of £10.00.  A staking plan is given which is in effect a recovery system. The staking plan for the service is a three bet stop loss using max lay odds of 3.1.

For the purposes of the Martins Better Betting trial I will give the results to level stakes (using £10.00 per lay) and using the recovery plan (starting with £10.53 per lay and following the recovery instructions given in the betting calculator which is supplied with the daily selections).

At the end of the trial – 50 days in total – Martins Better Betting made 37.113 points using the staking system.

Even at level stakes 18.83 points were made. The staking system is such that, at times, a relatively huge hole can be made in the bank. However even at its worse it still only reduced the bank by 30 points from the original starting point of 100 points (£1000). One consideration of Martins Better Betting staking system is that you need to be on hand to place the lays, especially if you are on the second or third selection in a losing sequence. If you are not able to do this then the lays can be done at any time. The selections are sent by email each morning and can be done all at once using the level stakes plan. Using this system the plan made approximately 9 points per month ( double this using the staking plan).

If you start with a sizable bank then I guess you could sit by the computer laying horses to the recovery system described and make an income that was enough to mean you didn’t have to go to work! At £200 per point you would make £3600 tax free monthly! The horses Martins Better Betting selects are always at the top of the market so there is plenty of liquidity to get your lays on.

Martins Better Betting costs £39.99 per month and so the outlay is well worth it even if you only make 9 points per month at a level stake of £10. I would certainly recommend the system but would advise the use of level stakes for the first few weeks – better to build up a bank before risking your own money on the recovery plan.

Please note Martins Better Betting is no longer available from Martin…..