The Keys To Success – Adrian Massey?

The Keys To Success – Adrian Massey?

Unlock Long Term Profit

If you have never come across the Adrian Massey website then you have missed out on a treasure trove of goodies. With over 100,000 UK races dating back to 1991, many a horse racing expert has slaved away hypothesising, analysing and forecasting the outcome of the next race on the card. Using computer system, Adrian has rated horses on previous data to compile a comprehensive database of statistics.

“All very well” I hear you ask, “but what use is Adrian Massey to me?”

A very good question, dear Reader.   The Adrian Massey site has been the source of many horse racing betting systems over as many years as it has existed.   Many a backing and lay betting system has arisen from analyses of the favourites that just one aspect of this site allows.

A system may originate as a gleam in the eye of the latest tipster, but without the means to test the theory the gleam will fade and die.   Step forward the Adrian Massey website.   This is where he, or she, can start by backfitting their assumptions about how certain types of horses perform on certain tracks, under given conditions and over selected distances.   These condition will ultimately become the system rules.

Of course, backfitting isn’t the whole story.    If the statistics support the hypothesis then the next step will be to trial the system on paper.   But if the historical data gives the appropriate indications that the system rules will work, then it is a good basis for taking the system to the net stage.   Adrian Massey’s statistics provide the logic to validate a backfitted system, which gives a system a reasonable chance of long term success.

Here at OnlineBettingExposed we like systems that can demonstrate long term success.   We have encountered too many systems with sales hype that claim to resolve all of your financial worries in the next few days.   That is why we dedicate considerable amounts of time to reviewing systems that are on the market.   We will not promote a system just because it is popular and makes money.   If it is rubbish, then we will find out and let you know.

It is often the systems that you do NOT hear of, the ones that are promoted quietly in the background, or even don’t have to be promoted at all, that make a profit.   Yes, they will have their down times…all systems should and will… NO system is infallible.   But the ones that stand the test of time are the systems that return consistent profit, year in year out, and we are on the constant lookout for these.

So, are there any so called ‘golden nuggets’ out there in betting world?   We think there are one or two and these are they:

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The Full Year System – one for all year round
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The Fancy Fillies system is one that we also recommend
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Thank you for reading this article about Adrian Massey and profitable systems and we  welcome any comments yuo would like to make below.