Dutching Diamond Review

Dutching Diamond Review

Dutching Diamond

Dutching Diamond

I started out on this review with mixed expectations.   Not being the biggest fan of dutching, but I heard reasonable results from members of the OBE community.   So having put my doubts to one side, I put my best foot forward and ventured into the unknown.   Dutching Diamond ….  was I about to reveal a shining gem or a flawed rock?

Let me get some of the ‘admin’ out of the way first.  The Dutching Diamond System is a backing and dutching system for certain races on any card.   The cost of the system is the standard upper end for a system of this nature, coming in at just under the ton at £95.   It is ordered from Sportsworld Publishing, so you receive the hardcopy document from them.

When I started reading the Dutching Diamond system, one thing struck me about this system before I got past the first line.   Anyone operating this system must take the Racing Post newspaper every day to make the selections.  This strikes me as a bit of a limiting factor from the off.   In today’s ‘techno world’ of iPods, iBooks, Facebook, Twitter…. (draws deep breath)… and so on… I find it hard to believe that someone will rush out to their newsagent and buy the hardcopy everyday, in rain and shine and rain and snow and rain and wind…. ok you get my drift.   Why the bods at head office have deemed the information needed for this system as ‘inappropriate’ for Internet consumption is beyond me.

A betting bank of 1000 points is suggested for Dutching Diamond, which means for the majority of the public the stakes are going to be modest to say the least.    At £1 per point the betting bank will need to be £1,000 which will be more than a lot of people will want to risk on a single system.   I suspect that only serious hardened punters will want to risk the likes of £10,000 to wager the more standard £10 per point.  The other concern that this raises is, why is such a large 1,000 point bank needed?   What sort of losses do we have to expect?   Anyway for the purposes of the trial I opted for £1 per point.

It is probably worth pointing out at this stage that Dutching Diamond is suitable for intermediate backers, not necessarily for the ‘beginner’ and the use of a simple Dutching software programme will simplify the staking calculations.   These can be readily found on the Internet.   For the purposes of the trial Betfair prices were used which were taken as close to the ‘off’ as possible.

So let’s analyse the action from the Dutching Diamond 45 day review:

  • 31 qualifying races
  • £66.76 profit on a £1,000 betting bank
  • 66.76 points profit
  • 2.2 points profit per race
  • 6.67% ROI

One view of the results is quite favourable.   The system author expects a profit of 1 point per race therefore the system has outperformed itself achieving an impressive 2.2 points per race more than twice the expected level.   Dutching Diamond also managed to amass an impressive 66 points in 45 days, so on the face of it 44 points per month would suffice most of us, whatever our experience.   A 6% to 7% return will not set the world alight, but if it can be maintained consistently it could be a nice steady earner.

So what can possibly counter these fabulous figures?  How about if I told you that on one day you would have been betting 37% (yes £370!) of your betting bank to win £10.   What if, on another, day one bet would have lost you 50 points in one go?   What if, I told you that in order to make your 66 points profit, you had to endure your bank rising to 38 points in profit then falling to -5 (yes minus five!) points?   What if, on a day to day basis, you made a huge 30 point profit followed the next day by a 21 point loss?   I don’t think Walt Disney could produce a better roller coaster ride!   Your day could quite easily start with a 50 to 100 point loss, so how would you feel about carrying on from there?

In summary, the Dutching Diamond manual is quite well written and the selections are easily found after a couple of days trialling.   During the trial period, it did produce a profit, more than twice the level expected.   To achieve this you have to start with an huge initial bank of 1,000 points and to keep you’re nerve when you’ve wagered 100 points on a novice chase when the favourite falls!    It’s inconsistency, though, is the system’s main drawback.   The highs and lows are probably too frequent and too large for the average person to stomach.   You’ve probably heard a number of times that it is not the betting bank that disappears first, it’s the nerve.   And for that reason, I have to consign this system to the neutral pile.   Dutching Diamond  may produce profits, and maybe they will pay for your pacemaker when your heart finally gives out, but personally I would look for something a little more boring.

But if you still feel as though you might be interested

Take a look at Dutching Diamond here