Racing Profits System Review

Racing Profits System Review

Racing Profits - That's what we all want ūüôā

Racing Profits – That’s what we all want!

Racing Profits is a backing system for the UK mainland horse racing market (i.e. not Irish racing), written by Mark Boyle, costing £29.   We have seen many unsuccessful systems here at OBE with this lower end price tag, but we are never one to pre-judge and we would have loved Racing Profits to be the exception to this rule.

For your outlay of £29 you receive a 26 page PDF manual; the rules of which really only take up one page.   The rest of the manual mainly contains useful examples to help guide you through the rules, which are quite simple to understand.

Racing Profits is a place backing system with loads of filters, few of which are the usual Adrian Massey fare, so while there is no results history to look at: Racing Profits bodes well as being a thought out system by an author that has had good critical acclaim for his Racing Winners backing system last year Рwhich bears absolutely no relation to this one.

Whilst the rules are simple to understand and execute, initial impressions are that it is no five minute job to make the selections for Racing Profits.   One of the good things about this system is that all of the information is freely available online from the Racing Post.

After the 45 day trial: the Racing Profits statistics were:

No of bets                     56

No of losers                  36

No of winners               20

Final profit                     19.7 points to level stakes

A strike rate of  35.7% and ROI of  35.2%


Racing Profits System Final Summary

This is a backing system sent in PDF format.

The selection procedure takes as little as 3 minutes a day, up to 30 minutes – dependant not just on the amount of racing but the possible candidates which can be just 1 on a heavy Saturday, to 4 or 5 on a light Monday. Typically 10 minutes.

The good thing is that you can make the selection 24/36 hours before racing which means the selection process is not a tie.

The only part of the process you cannot complete at that time is the final price filter – but we bet to Betfair SP so it is not a problem.

Contact with the vendor is easy with replies coming in an hour or so, never more than 12.

The profit we obtained was 20 points for the 45 days, BUT……….

We cannot vouch for its accuracy.

Let us explain.

Partway through the review a reader who had purchased the System queried some of the selections.

After some discussion, it was apparant we were following different rules!

We contacted the vendor who clarified certain points, but still the discrepancies happened.

Further contact with the systems’s author brought the realisation that we were working from an early copy of the rules which while¬†in itself was¬†somewhat confusing also obviously was missing filters that were in the update.

Despite the author acknowledging this, no up to date copy was forthcoming, nor were answers to some finer points of selection which were raised with him.

So, the rather nice, for a place system , profit obtained were to a set of rules that are incomplete.

The gentleman on the Blog who first brought our attention to the discrepancies appears to have the up-to-date version but he advises me he has a large variance in his selections to those of the vendor.

The number of selections we have made and the profit returned is significantly higher than those published by the vendor for the same period.

So far as we are concerned, our reading of the rules as sent to us have produced a sensible return for a 36% strike rate at winning odds of never below evens and up to 5/1 for the place. Longest Losing Run was 5 which happened 3 times. The vendors results show 1 losing run of 7

So our conclusion is that if we follow “our rules” it is a consistently profitable system giving modest returns to a modest risk and we would certainly endorse its use. But our rules are not the systems rules, because our copy of the system wasn’t complete.

And for this reason: we will have to place Racing Profits in our neutral section: which is a pity as it did look promising.

If we receive an updated set of rules from the authors of Racing Profits, we’ll be happy to update our reviews.