DIY Betting Systems

DIY Betting Systems

DIY Betting Systems

DIY Betting Systems

So having searched through the myriad of betting systems on the market, you fancy yor chances at creating your own betting systems?

That’s fantastic! But where do you start?

The good news is that there are absolutely loads, and I mean loads, of places to star your betting systems research. Although this article focuses on the horse racing side of betting, the principles of how to create a betting systems apply to horse racing, football, golf and the many other sporting events that abound on the betting markets. One of the important things to realise is, if you watch, listen or read about the topic, you’ll see plenty of ideas.

DIY Betting Systems – “That works, I can do better”

This is about the easiest place to start. If you have been looking at an existing product or service that works, and you can see a better or even just different angle on the system, then there is nothing wrong with creating a Mark II of those betting systems.

With a little investment of time, effort and perhaps money into the product itself and resources to investigate alternative angles, you are off and running.

One of the main advantages of this approach is that you know it’s got potential, because there’s already been someone selling it!

DIY Betting Systems – Ideas on how to get started.

A good, thought-provoking place from which to get ideas is Smartersig. As a monthly publication this is an excellent source of ideas from which new systems can spring. Admittedly the logic behind some of the ideas is occasionally questionable but a small dose of scepticism is not a bad thing. It makes you think that little bit further.

For instance, in the May edition, there’s an article about 2nd time out 2yo’s. I know from my own research how much the benefit of a run helps 2yo’s, and its definitely an angle that could be played into a winning system.

It has, in the past, published an article about 2 year-olds and their second time out, which is an interesting angle that could be played into a winning system. This is one of many angles that could be exploited on 2 year-olds, such as trainers to follow, sires who excel with juveniles to name just two.

DIY Betting Systems – Go with your instincts.

Do you know something about football, golf or horse racing? Do you have a view that bucks the trend? Well, perhaps it is worth investigating a little further.

Why in two thirds of horse races does the so called favourite lose? What is your gut feeling about why these horses don’t make it past the post ahead of the rest? There are 66 out of every 100 races with an opportunity for you to identify the ‘false favourite’.

So there are cases where the market is wrong and if we follow the market blindly like lemmings, we end up going straight over the cliff along with everyone else.

Conversely if there are areas of the market that are over-backed, then there must also be areas of the market that are under-backed, where the team, player or horse is sent of at longer odds than they should be. Do you have a hunch about these and can you find the killer 100/1 bet that others cant?

DIY Betting Systems – Your Mission.

Therefore your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find that angle that the majority of the betting public overlooks:

  • Research the market. See what is out there, what works and what doesn’t
  • Take the cream of the crop and dig a bit deeper. How can it be improved?
  • Combine this with your own hunches. What have you noticed that others haven’t?
  • I know it is a bit of a cliche, but think outside the box… you just might find that golden nugget that everyone has ignored.

Need somewhere to start your research?

Then take a look at how to build betting systems with Horse Racing Experts here…