Go Forth & Multiply System Review

Go Forth & Multiply System Review Welcome to our review of the Go Forth & Multiply System Go Forth & Multiply is a LAYING system from Nova Publications. It was formulated by two people from very different equine backgrounds but who together possess an extensive knowledge of horse racing and a common aim – to make [...]

Zerohype Banker Service Review

Zerohype Banker Service Review Welcome to our review of the Zerohype Banker Service The Zerohype Banker Service is a daily horse racing service that bets on the win and place markets. You will receive approximately 15-25 selections a month, all sent via a morning email and all bets are recorded using the Betfair Starting Price [...]

Ex Bookie Service Review

Ex Bookie Service Review The Ex Bookie Service is a straightforward backing service for UK horse racing. The selections are provided by Paul Morris, a former senior trader at a well known bookmakers: hence the name of the service! Paul’s aim is to find some value in the market and as such, he won’t be [...]

Sprint Lay Expert System Review

Sprint Lay Expert System Review The Sprint Lay Expert is, as the title suggests, a system for laying horses over the shorter distances of flat racing. According to the vendor, Chris Castell, since it’s inception in season 2006 Sprint Lay Expert has produced a successful strike rate averaging 76.83% returning an average £3660 profit (to £100 level stakes) [...]

Double Lay System Review

Double Lay System Review The Double Lay Preview is an ebook with an optional tipping service. The authors, Jon and Sally have operated Double Lay for over 2 years without any changes, which is a testament to the potential relaibility of the system. Double Lay is a lay system for Horse Racing in the UK, [...]

Little Acorns System Review

Little Acorns Review Little Acorns is described by the vendor as a low-liabilty laying system and is available at £97 direct from the website.  I have been conducting this trial for seventeen days now although, almost certainly due to the weather, there have been bets on only eight of these days. It is relatively easy [...]