Part 1 – It Can Be Done

Risk Free Betting – It Can Be Done

Can it really be risk free?

In this article I am going to show you a simple risk free betting techniques that can start to make ‘a few extra pounds’ every month. To some ‘a few extra pounds’ may be exactly that, a few extra pounds, but this technique can scale up to make you tens or even a few hundred pounds in a month. I would not advise stretching it more than that unless you are an experienced bettor.

In an attempt to win your business bookmakers are putting out some tremendous incentives. You have probably seen them… £25 free bet here, matched deposit there. Their objective is to get your attention with the free bet, get you to join and then their hope is that you will stay. If you are smart on your feet you can take advantage of these free bets by laying them off on Betfair.

Now…there is one offer from Bet365 that merits a little bit more attention.

Every day of the week Bet365 have ‘feature races’. On most days of the week there are two feature races, but on the odd day of the week (generally Saturday) there are the televised Channel 4 feature races. In these races if you back a winner at 4/1 or greater, bet365 give you a free bet to the same stake on the next feature race (up to a maximum of £50). Therefore you can probably expect there to be round about 20 feature races in a week (there is a way to generate more, but I’ll leave that to another time).

“That’s all well and good” I hear you say “but I already know that”. Yes, and I crave your indulgence for just a little while longer. Because is is how to take advantage of these feature races to create your risk free betting opportunities.

Risk Free Betting – What You Will Need

Risk Free Betting with Bet365


Ok, let’s start with what you will need to start your risk free betting:

  1. A Bet365 account
  2. A Betfair account (an exchange account, but Betfair is the de facto)
  3. The time to watch the feature races of the day.
  4. A few hundred pounds in each account, although you could start with as little as £100 in each account

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Risk Free Betting – How To Do It

Let’s us the maximum Bet365 stake under the offer of £50.

  1. Look for a horse on Bet365 with odds close to, but not under, 4/1
  2. Place a £50 bet on the horse
  3. Go straight to Betfair and lay the same horse for £62.50
  4. If the horse loses its race you make £12.50 on Betfair less 5% commission, which is £11.87
  5. If the horse wins its race you lose on Betfair, but you get your £50 back on bet365 to use in the next feature race with Bet365.

The secret is to try to back and lay as close to 4/1 as possible. In practise, at these odds, you will find it possible more often than not, and definitely easier to achieve closer to the off. With practise, if you keep a watch on the market, it is possible to lay the selection UNDER the Bet 365 odds that you have taken.

Risk Free Betting – The Ideal Scenario

In the ideal scenario you are looking to find loser after loser after loser. Each time you find a losing horse you gain your profit on Betfair. The free bets on Bet365 do not  come into play until you encounter a winning horse. What you are then want to do is recoup your loss from your winning Betfair bet on your next feature race (minus the usual betfair commission). This is your risk free betting advantage.

Risk Free Betting – What happens when the horse wins?

At odds of 4/1 you can probably expect to find a winning horse  once in every 5 races. Because your Betfair stake is an extra £12.50 above your Bet365 stake it means that you lose an extra £50 on Betfair (£12.50 at 4/1) that isn’t covered by your £50 back bet on Bet365. But… this is where the free Bet365 bet comes in… the £50 you receive as a free bet from Bet365 through their feature race offer covers this loss. In the following feature race your objective  should be to recover your initial £50 from the losing bet. If you have the misfortune to have a run of consecutive winners then you just repeat the process.

Risk Free Betting – Bear This In Mind…

Do you recall that I said to back and lay as close to 4/1 as possible? Well this is an important point.

If the odds start to get too far apart, for example backing at 4/1 and laying at 6.0, and your horse wins the race, then you are losing a fair bit more than is covered by your free bet on the next feature race. As a result you will start eating into your profits. Therefore, you should be looking to back and lay at approximately the same odds, and ideally at lower lay odds. However, you can afford to go a bit higher and still make good money with this technique.

Risk Free Betting – Conclusion

This techniques does take a little bit of getting your mind around, especially to those new to betting. But it does work and it does return earn you profits. What this is NOT is a get rich quick scheme. It is something that can earn you small amounts regularly and will start to mount up over time. It does require time. It  does require patience.

All I will say is have a go, have some fun and make some money.

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