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OBE Betting System Reviews 13/08/2013

Betting System Reviews Update: 13/08/13

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the OBE Betting System Reviews.

This week saw the end of the 60-day review period of the service offered by Horse Laying Professionals and they certainly went out on top form. Laying to £10 level stakes, they clocked up almost 9pts profit on the week, but when using their 2.5% of bank staking plan, those profits soared to over 14.5pts this week.

Needless to say these were our best results of the week with Midas Bet of the Day back in 3rd place with a modest profit of almost 2.5pts.
Just 3 services lost money this week: Alex Rey Sports gave £5.00 back to the bookies, but at £10/point, it’s an insignificant loss and I suppose that could also be said for both Summer Soccer predictor and the Midas E/W bets, with losses of 1.1pts and 1.87pts respectively.

Horse Laying Professionals aside, the figures above show you what a quiet week it was! But those figures do alter our leaderboard quite a bit as you’ll see from…

…the latest OBE Betting System Reviews league table

Horse Laying Professionals (Stake Plan) £308.31 (at day 60)
Horse Laying Professionals (Level Stakes) £249.11 (at day 60)
Alex Rey Sports £194.12 (at day 33)
Midas Bet of the Day -£17.84 (at day 17)
Midas Insider Bets -£43.00 (at day 15)
Midas E/W Bets -£44.00 (at day 9)
Summer Soccer Predictor -£114.00 (at day 30)
Value Backing -£193.75 (at day 51)
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Where the Horse Laying Professionals sit proudly at the top of the tree. During a 60-day trial with us here at OBE, they have accrued profits of £557.42 between their two staking plans, thanks to a fantastic strike rate of over 76.5% laying horses priced below 6.0 on betfair. Both myself and our reviewer Iain were suitably impressed by this one, that we are both happy to endorse it! And despite a (very small!) loss this week, Alex Rey Sports retain a top-3 position with decent profits of almost 20pts as they enter the second half of their trail period.

Not such good news for either Summer Soccer Predictor, whose £11.00 loss this week puts them further into the red, nor for Value Backing, who had no selections this week. The latter is an irregular service, concentrating on the “bigger” meetings, but with only 9 betting days left of the review, still have a deficit of over 19pts to overcome: it’s going to be tough. Whereas Summer Soccer predictor are generally heading in the right direction after a terrible start, but at half-time they’ve still got work to do.

As per my headline, Horse Laying Professionals certainly ended on a high. A strike rate of over 76.5% over two months has produced profits of almost £250 to £10 level stakes, a very handy addition to anybody’s betting portfolio and one I’m happy to recommend to you today.

This service is competitively priced at £7.00 for the first month and £37.00 per month after that. Payments are made through Clickbank, so there’s a no quibble, 60-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

If you want to join myself and our reviewer Iain as subscribers, simply click here.

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Have a great week,Chris and the OBE Betting System Reviews team

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