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Betting System Reviews Update: 13/06/13

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the
OBE Betting System Reviews.

As usual, there were winners and losers this week, but nothing spectacular to write home about. With the exception of two results (one good, one bad), the Profit & Loss columns were largely unaffected as the entire portfolio made a small loss of just under £18.

Just two services made a profit: both of the HLP staking plans made small gains (£10.70 and £7.60) whilst the significant profit was a welcome return to form from Night Time Racing. They’s struggled a bit of late, but made a bold statement of intent this week with profits of £112.50.

There was no action on the Value Backing front this week and the remaining four reviews showed a combined loss of £148.67. There was a minor £7.50 setback for Stable Line Gold, whilst Stable Lays lost £14.60, but the bulk of the losses were incurred by reviews that have only recently come on board. Summer Soccer Predictor kicked off with a £32 defeat in just two days, whilst the week’s wooden spoon was “awarded” to AAP Insiders, who lost almost £95 in their first week. Not a great start, but there’s plenty of time to turn things around, as we can see if we…

…look at the latest OBE Betting System Reviews league table:

Stable Lays £249.70 (at day 34)
Stable Line Gold £178.63 (at day 28)
Summer Soccer Predictor -£32.00 (at day 2)
Horse Laying Professionals (Level Stakes) -£34.80 (at day 9)
Value Backing -£43.75 (at day 35)
Horse Laying Professionals (Stake Plan) -£45.29 (at day 9)
AAP Insiders -£94.57 (at day 7)
Night Time Racing -£113.75 (at day 20)
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The small changes in the P/L figures this week means that our top two of Stable Lays and Stable Line Gold are exactly as they were and they are also the only two services currently in profit, whilst we have six reviews in the red. These six loss-makers are, however, only separated by just less than £82, so it really wouldn’t take much for any of them to climb the table and also achieve profitability. Night Time Racing sit at the foot of the table at present, but an overall loss of just under £114 is far from insurmountable: after all they did make £12.50 this week, so who knows?

With a bit of luck and the wind at their backs, there’s every possibility that our leaderboard will be awash with green type next week, but as always, time will be the judge of that.

No purchase recommendation from the above, but I am currently bringing together the details of an excellent ratings service for your consideration. I’ve been using them myself for over three years now on a private site and I’m close to persuading the author to open the doors to new members. I’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile I suggest you maintain a watching brief on Stable Line Gold, they’re my favourites from the current crop of reviews at this moment in time and look well set to deliver decent profits.

For further details on Stable Line Gold or indeed any other service we’re covering, simply click on the name of the service you’re interested in.

All the best,
Chris and the OBE Betting System Reviews team

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