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Betting System Reviews Update: 30/05/13

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the
OBE Betting System Reviews.

As the headline suggests, it was all a bit of a struggle this week for the services we’re currently reviewing. The figures weren’t horrific, but there was an overall loss of just over £255 between the lot of them wot only one service actually showing any profit.

The one that did make money was Fold4Gold, but the paltry £9 they generated, hardly makes a dent in the massive losses they’ve already racked up, whilst he bulk of the losses came from Football Lays who lost another £38, Easy Lays had a setback in their final few days losing £62 whilst Night Time Racing had a nightmare, failing to find a single winner on their way to a loss of £140.

Here is the latest OBE Betting System Reviews league table:

Easy Lays £285.89 (at day 60)
Stable Lays £264.30 (at day 30)
Stable Line Gold £140.63 (at day 17)
Value Backing -£108.75 (at day 34)
Night Time Racing -£120.00 (at day 9)
Fold4Gold -£1,322.50 (at day 59)
Football Lays -£1,951.40 (at day 49)
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Easy Lays have now completed their time on review and it’s one we’re happy to give the thumbs up to, a decent return from low risk lays and they end their time on top of the pile just ahead of Stable Lays, who are going through a quiet spell with very few selections. And depsite a small £15 loss over the week, Stable Line Gold are still in a very healthy position.

That, of course, cannot be said for either of Fold4Gold nor Football Lays. Admittedly the former did make £9 this week, but that’s a drop in the ocean when you’re already over £1300 in the red. Today is the last day of their trial and I’ll certainly be glad to see the back of them for sure. We will of course be bringing you a whole host of new reviews to fill the void in June.

Short and sweet today, because in truth there’s little to report other than a glowing recommendation for you to get your hands on a subscription to Easy Lays. This has been a nice steady earner whilst on review and at just 88p per day represents terrific value. You can sign up today by simply clicking here.

For further details on Easy Lays or indeed any other service we’re covering, simply click on the name of the service you’re interested in.

All the best,
Chris and the OBE Betting System Reviews team

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